How does self-consumption of electricity work for individuals?

The economic and ecological context pushes individuals to massively support the development of green energy. More and more people are opting for equipment that uses them or are interested in installing photovoltaic solar panels.

Why invest in renewable energy?

More than 35% * of French people already use renewable energy (ENR) in their main residence. They have high expectations regarding their development and many of them plan to equip themselves in the years to come. The arguments justifying their choice concern :


Appliances that use green energy for heating or hot water production are innovative. They are designed to limit your energy consumption as much as possible while being very efficient in terms of comfort.

The savings

You probably consider your energy bills too high. In this context and for the majority of private individuals, ENRs appear to be a reliable alternative. They limit your energy consumption as much as possible. Certain devices allow you to benefit from subsidies and represent a rapidly profitable investment.


The production of green energy is environmentally friendly. Investing in a system that makes the most of its own resources means supporting these sectors. For individuals, it means taking part in the fight against climate change by becoming an actor in the energy transition.

The different solutions for consuming the electricity you produce
If you decide to invest in solar panels, you can now consume what you produce. There are a number of options, which can be adapted to the needs and specificities of your household.

Total self-consumption
In this case, you choose to consume your entire production. Household appliances, electric radiators, etc. Your equipment is powered by the electricity you produce.

You can install your solar collectors on the roof of your home or in your garden. For total self-consumption, the power of your photovoltaic installation must not exceed the power of the subscription you have taken out with your supplier.

This is the simplest solution to implement: it requires neither the installation of an additional meter nor lengthy administrative procedures. You undertake to ensure that your equipment consumes all of what you produce by signing a self-consumption agreement (CAC) with Enedis. In some cases, the professionals who install your signs will accompany you to make your procedures easier and faster.



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