How implant Vision Technology is Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals have a great responsibility to maintain the highest levels of product quality, despite the need for higher levels of productivity to maintain healthy profit margins. Embedded vision systems play an important role in achieving these tough demands. 

Embedded vision systems are increasingly being used in pharmaceutical manufacturing for their accuracy, reliability, and productivity benefits. Modern pharmaceutical production would not be possible without the capabilities of advanced vision systems.


How Embedded Vision Technology is Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Embedded Vision Applications in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

One new application of embedded vision systems in the pharmaceutical industry is their use in industrial and collaborative robots. Advanced vision systems give robots the ability to determine the location and orientation of a part, allowing them to more accurately pick and place objects while operating more flexibly for greater return on investment. 

Other ways that embedded vision is used in pharmaceuticals revolves mainly around inspection and quality assurance processes. For example, the inspection of pharmaceutical packaging with smart cameras improves the productivity of inspection while improving quality assurance. 

The Growing Market for Embedded Vision in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Embedded vision is increasingly becoming a central part of pharmaceutical production – representing an enormous opportunity in a massive global industry. A recent report from the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations estimates the global pharmaceutical industry to be worth $1.4 trillion by 2021. 

As production ramps up, so does the need for automated inspection systems and pick and place robots. Amidst this incredible growth, the need for dosage analysis, coating thickness inspection, and analysis of crystalline structures in drugs will add to the growth of embedded vision. 

The pharmaceutical industry benefits greatly from the reliability and accuracy of embedded vision. With steady long-term growth in the massive pharmaceutical market and a wealth of emerging applications, embedded vision will experience robust growth in the pharmaceutical industry. 

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