Industry 4.0: follow the wave or die

To turn your back on Industry 4.0 would be to put your finger in the eye up to your elbow. This concept, now well established in some countries, is, according to experts, the revolution not to be missed as it is likely to remedy the failures of industrial processes that have become inane.

Industry 4.0 indeed refers to the next step in industrial transformation via the integration, in manufacturing processes, of digital technologies, in order to optimize productivity, further personalize services and meet energy challenges . New technologies are improving data exchange and therefore human-computer interaction.

« Industry 4.0 is gaining more and more importance through the association between operational technology and information technology to create a cyber-physical production system capable of providing superior quality products at lower cost Says Kiran Raj, analyst at GlobalData.

To achieve these objectives, Industry 4.0 needs to pool several technologies. According to a study by GlobalData, five are crucial: Big data, the Internet of Things applied to industry, Cloud computing, 3D printing and augmented reality.

3D printing makes it possible to further personalize products and manufacture them in a single step quickly and at lower costs.

“While (some) incumbent operators have successfully implemented (these new means to organize the manufacturing processes), others have not yet considered serious investments (…) which could jeopardize their position competitive, « says Raj.

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